AXA Compactline bike light set


The AXA Compactline can be described as small and bright thanks to the new double lens technology.The compact and sporty designed lights are sustainably USB chargeable, simply mounted and easy to take with you. These lights are suited for almost every bicycle due to the flexible rubber fastening strap.

The battery of the Compactline 35 front light offers up to 15 hours of cycling pleasure with a charged battery. The battery is charged in less than 4 hours. The battery of the rear light runs up to 10 hours. The battery is charged in less than 2 hours. With a life span of 1000 charges, the Compactline offers a sustainable alternative for the usual battery lights.Always being visible as a result of the powerful light output he Compactline guarantees operation at temperatures of between -10 and +40 C. Even with rain and snow.

This set includes a front light of 35 lux and a rear light of 1 LED.
FRONT LIGHT: 55 meters ‘to see’, 3250 meters ‘to be seen’
REAR LIGHT: 300 meters ‘to be seen’

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