Dutch Cycles UK


There are so many bikes in the Netherlands because of a high number of child deaths on the roads which saw over 500 children killed each year in car accidents during the 1970’s. A protest movement along with other factors such as oil shortages convinced the Dutch government to restrict cars in its towns and support a growth of other types of transport, with a change of policy mainly focusing on bikes. The idea was to transform Dutch towns into much safer environments and to become people-friendly.

As a predominantly flat country, the  Netherlands makes biking an easy method of transport. It’s also relatively small so you can get around in a short time. Biking is also cheap compared to owning a car so the transition was smooth and made both financial and well-being sense for everybody. With this in mind, Holland quickly became a leading manufacturer of solid, durable but fashionable and stylish bikes and the Ditch cycle phenomenon was born.

A Dutch cycle brings style and substance and is something that combines both form and function. They can be traditional or retro bikes and even something with a vintage feel to them. A classic European style of Dutch bike is complemented by the attention to detail during manufacturing. They provide versatility and a user-friendly experience in a tantalising fusion with ergonomic cycling. If you want to look the part and make riding a pleasant experience go for a Dutch style bike. You will not regret it. High-quality Dutch bikes easily handle difficult terrain and long distances. Other important and recognisable features of Dutch cycles include;


  • All Dutch bikes have a distinguished headlight on the front
  • Most of the bikes have an Axa built-in lock on the back wheel. It is extremely useful and built into the bike frame. There is always a key in it which stays inside until you lock it.
  • A typical Dutch bike can spend decades outdoors, never rusts and is sturdy.