Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes


By providing assistance up hills, with loads, over distances, electric bikes make cycling possible for a much broader range of people. They enable less fit people to bike commute long distances and simultaneously improve their well-being by pushing health and fitness boundaries previously unexplored.


The evolution of cycling in tandem with the technological advancement of the industry has seen a rise to prominence of electric bikes in recent years. This trend will no doubt continue as society uncovers more and more benefits and additional features associated with this cycling method. Electric bikes have gathered significant momentum in the market over the last decade or so and are proving to be a sustainably popular commodity that consumers can invest in for the present and the future.


Sometimes called an e-bike or power bike or booster bike, electric bikes can travel up to 45 Km/h faster than normal bikes. Many brands manufacture the electric bike and before you purchase an electric bike for yourself it is beneficial to learn some of the advantages of electric bikes which are listed below;


  • Easy to get one
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Nature-friendly
  • They’re the future of transportation
  • Cut back expenses
  • Improve fitness
  • Fast and flexible
  • Assisted biking


Technology and smart adaptations are improving our lives on a daily basis whether we realise it or not.  Some of these may be used inadvertently but electric bikes are arguably the most significant adoption of green transportation this century and their importance should not be understated.


If they can eventually be a viable alternative to a petrol scooter instead of replacing the normal bike then we will have come a long way and the green world we aspire towards will be one step closer. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries, are faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape. They offer low cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free transportation which will benefit both the individual user and the planet.

Dutch Cycles

Dutch Cycles UK


There are so many bikes in the Netherlands because of a high number of child deaths on the roads which saw over 500 children killed each year in car accidents during the 1970’s. A protest movement along with other factors such as oil shortages convinced the Dutch government to restrict cars in its towns and support a growth of other types of transport, with a change of policy mainly focusing on bikes. The idea was to transform Dutch towns into much safer environments and to become people-friendly.

As a predominantly flat country, the  Netherlands makes biking an easy method of transport. It’s also relatively small so you can get around in a short time. Biking is also cheap compared to owning a car so the transition was smooth and made both financial and well-being sense for everybody. With this in mind, Holland quickly became a leading manufacturer of solid, durable but fashionable and stylish bikes and the Ditch cycle phenomenon was born.

A Dutch cycle brings style and substance and is something that combines both form and function. They can be traditional or retro bikes and even something with a vintage feel to them. A classic European style of Dutch bike is complemented by the attention to detail during manufacturing. They provide versatility and a user-friendly experience in a tantalising fusion with ergonomic cycling. If you want to look the part and make riding a pleasant experience go for a Dutch style bike. You will not regret it. High-quality Dutch bikes easily handle difficult terrain and long distances. Other important and recognisable features of Dutch cycles include;


  • All Dutch bikes have a distinguished headlight on the front
  • Most of the bikes have an Axa built-in lock on the back wheel. It is extremely useful and built into the bike frame. There is always a key in it which stays inside until you lock it.
  • A typical Dutch bike can spend decades outdoors, never rusts and is sturdy.

Escape Bikes UK

Escape Bikes UK


All Escape Bikes listed are held in stock in the UK enabling this industry leading company to provide an unrivalled range and support dedication to all age categories from young children to adults. Specialising in the highest quality bikes sourced from top European manufacturers, Escape Bikes are a UK based supplier of 2021-specification cycles including childrens bikes, electric and Dutch cycles.


Proving huge value for money and an excellent customer experience has seen them establish themselves as a market leader and an extremely reputable business able to satisfy demand for all sorts of customer requirements and specifications.


The bikes and cycles on sale are robust and contain all modern equipment and security features for added security and assurance. Whether you simply need to get from A to B, face a strenuous commute or enjoy a leisurely family cycle then this unrivalled range will have something suitable for you. All Escape Bikes come with the following complimentary extras as an exclusive customer benefit package;




The 12- month UK warranty is to protect you in the case of manufacturing defects or faults but does not cover wear and tear, damage, and neglect. Certain items come with a manufacturer extended warranty and it is best to ask or check this before purchase.


The majority of cycles and bikes are delivered with just small adjustments and simple final assembly needed before use. This will only take a few minutes for almost all orders outside of the cargo range (Which can take a couple of hours) and as always it is advisable to check gears and brakes before use. Escape Bikes UK can is available for assistance and can provide additional quotes for the pre-assembly of any order of the cargo model depending on your location.